‎It was sincerely a very dramatic experience getting my USA visa.. I was denied visa the first and second time until travelwahala.com came to my aid. There were so many vital informations omitted initially which was what the consular was on the look out for.
I got to know about travelwahala.com at the eleventh hour,perhaps if I did on my first attempt, it would have been a different story.
Travelwahala.com amended my ds160 form and booked my appointment date…as the day drew closer,i received calls and messages from them informing me of the necessary steps to take on the scheduled interview day.
I got there very early in the morning as instructed by them and believe me I had my heart in my mouth…next my batch(9 O’ clock)‎ was called in and there I felt my heart racing…
We sat on a nicely arranged seat as each person walked to the available consular for their interview I was trying to catch my breath as it was almost my turn. I raised my head and I saw a white man asking me to come,his face was expressionless…. Shhhhh he is a psychologist, you can  never spot what’s going on on his mind. I walked up to him with Confidence ,greeted him with my face beaming with great smiles and this time my heart raced even faster…. He responded and began to look at his computer and reading closely…perhaps that should be my ds160 form.
I was expecting him to throw me questions but he kept gazing at whatever he was reading…. after 3 mins,he broke the silence and hit me with the first question speaking in American accent  “where would you be staying in the U.S “‎ he asked, I opened my mouth and couldn’t stop talking…I answered his question straight, told him all that had been written on my ds160 form,all the supporting documents I had with me and my reason for traveling.I also notified him of my departure and arrival date and why I can’t exceed that number of days outside Nigeria. Immediately my mouth closed he said,congratulations you have qualified for a USA visa… I immediately left my body! But was still standing with the consular…Lol… I mean I was dumbfounded ‎. I took the slip he gave me to pick up my passport on a scheduled day and thanked him. Sincerely…it was dramatic! I am glad to have been introduced to travelwahala.com ,they helped ease the traveling wahala… it’s a reality! I ve my us visa! 🙂