Dear admin, i have a problem. i have applied for american visa twice and i have been rejected on the grounds that i have no ties to nigeria. i am single, my parents and whole family live in nigeria and i have a good job that pays well. what could be the issue? please help

Hello Blessing,

Most people say that getting an American Visa is a matter of luck, but that is not true. The truth is that the interviewing officer hasnt met you before, but within minutes of scanning your application confirmation form, he/she is able to determine if you qualify based on scoring the form. So by filling the form correctly you stand a high chance of getting your visa. During the interview, the burden of proof lies on you to convince the officer that you do not have the intent of relocating to America.

To answer your question, your issue is that you have not given the interviewing officer enough proof that you will come back to Nigeria after your visit to the United States.

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