Before now I’ve always thought the process of getting a US visa was a rigorous process…although the chances of getting one is marred by the assumption in the US immigration law that every applicant is an intended immigrant unless proven otherwise. So the onus is always on every applicant to tell a true (no matter how unbelievable it might sound) story of the purpose of your trip.

Have had my first denial in the past even after presenting the right documents, proven immigration history and letter of invitation. And due to this denial have came up with various reasons in my head why a visa application may be denied but trust me, it doesn’t matter as you should know that each cases are treated differently.

5 years later I met one of travel wahala’s consultant at a pub and we got talking and I was able to sign up for their services.

This is my testimony of an excellent business relationship which became fruitful as soon as I heard the visa interviewer say “congratulations your visa has been approved”.

Below is my advice when dealing with travel wahala.

For a total assessment to be carried out by the consultant you’ll need to answer all their questions and this is done in order to establish your circumstances

After completing the assessment they then advise you on your chances and what needs to be done before you put in your application

When you are all set, they’ll set up a proper coaching of a simulated live interview just so they can gauge your confidence level and also see if you can convince the visa officer that you are eligible

Pay attention to all they say as every consultant have gone through the process of applying for a US visa – so they know what they are talking about.

And as I’ve said earlier each applicant have a peculiar situation and their cases would be treated differently.

The people at travel wahala are very professional and highly motivated that once you follow the guidelines provided by them, you’ll surely get your desired result.

I personally guarantee this.