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Advice from a consular officer: How to get your US Visa Approved

We will go to any length to make sure we help you in your journey as you apply for your US Visa. Our aim is to make sure that qualified visa applicants do not get rejected or refused a visa. You will find below a clear description of how to get your US Visa Approved. […]

first appearance

How can I get a US visa easily at my first appearance?

Many people always want to make the best first appearance for their US Visa interview. They want to find out if they would get their visas if they have not traveled before or have a “virgin passport”. This question and answers will help throw more light. Question How can I get a US visa easily […]

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Quora QnA: My US visa got rejected. Can I reapply almost immediately?

This is a question from Quora relating to US Visa; this will be useful to you if you have been rejected in the past and looking forward to reapplying.    Question My visa got rejected. Can I reapply almost immediately? I guess I was too nervous the first time and didn’t answer my questions correctly. What […]

Travel Wahala US Visa

My Mothers US Visa was secured thanks to Travel Wahala

Initially when I met with one of Travel Wahala’s consultant, what came to my mind was that all these Visa agents are all same. But really, Travel Wahala proved me wrong. He helped with all necessary documents, he called at all times to pass the necessary information, and above all, he tutored my mum well […]

US Embassy Visa Interview

Get to know US Embassy Visa Interview Process in Nigeria

Thanks to US Embassy Nigeria and Naij News we found this information that will be very useful for you if you are preparing for your visa interview. If you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us, our professional visa consultants would help you through the process. *We are not US Embassy visa merchants, […]

Tips of getting your Visa Approved at any Embassy in Nigeria Part 1

We’ve all been there. We wanted to travel. We saved up months of hard-earned income to finally be able to get on that “big trip,” you know exactly what places you will visit and you’ve even single-handedly picked all of your clothes so you could look your best on your photos; and then all so […]