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My visa got rejected. Can I reapply almost immediately? I guess I was too nervous the first time and didn’t answer my questions correctly. What are my chances this second time of getting a visa?


Answer Number 1:

Many of the NIV applicants I processed were tense and nervous during their interview. The overall process is unfamiliar and intimidating. (Stand here. Now go there. Metal-detector portal next. Empty your pockets. No, you can’t bring that pocket-knife into the waiting room. Sit till we call your number. Wait: did they just call 51 or 61? Can I go to the bathroom? What happens if they call my number while I’m in the bathroom?)

Visa decisions are basically fact-based, so telling your story “better” a second time might not help. On the other hand, I have seen applicants who just froze up and failed to articulate their own case. Student visa applicants are asked questions about future plans (what will you do with this degree? Who will employ you back here in your home country after you graduate?) and need to be able to relate a reasoned and credible plan.

At Asian posts, I often found that student applicants were unprepared to answer even basic questions about what exact jobs their parents had, or even roughly what they earned. The second time around they were better-informed.

Anyway, give some thought to what you now think was incorrect about your answers. Then, sure, apply again.

Answered by Douglas Ellice


Answer Number 2:

I don’t think you can reapply immediately. Per my knowledge, you can reapply after 6 months. But you can do one thing, you can try to reapply. If visa appointment system accepts and allows you to get the appointment then you can do it. In some cases, they allow to reapply and get an appointment.

Good luck and be prepared well !!

Answered by Aarzoo Manoosi


Answer Number 3:

You can but your chances will be lower than your first time.

For starters now you have a rejection visa, you still are eligible for one but now you will be looked more carefully by the officials. Second thing the official will notice is that you just went through the process once, that seems very suspicious and you have to have a really good reason to reapply so soon, either a document was missing or something of the sort, a bad interview because you were too nervous won´t cut it, the official will definitely bring the topic that you just applied (and got rejected) once and you have to have a good answer.

Answered By Kyn Katan


Answer Number 4:

I’ve adjudicated over 40,000 visa applications and refused about half. Nervousness is not a reason for denying a visa application. How do you know you didn’t answer the questions correctly unless you were lying? As long as the immigration law remains the same, and the circumstances of your life remain the same, the chances are exactly the same. This is not roulette. Some people just don’t qualify.

Answered by David C. Maness

Answer Number 5:

The decision will be different only if anything changes in your documents or the information you provide. In case you reapply with the same documents, the decision will be the same.

You should carefully analyze what could be the reason for refusal and try to change something in your application documents.

Answered by Nataly Goncharenko

Answer Number 6:

First I would find out what you did wrong the first time or you will simply repeat the same mistakes. Go through the checklist and make sure you actually qualify for the visa. You could have left something out or overlooked it. Reapplying won’t make any difference if you don’t know what the problem was in the first place.

Answered by Paul Hackshaw