Thanks to US Embassy Nigeria and Naij News we found this information that will be very useful for you if you are preparing for your visa interview. If you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us, our professional visa consultants would help you through the process. *We are not US Embassy visa merchants, we do not guarantee any applicant visas*

How can you save time and improve your chances of getting a US visa during your interview? The US embassy of Nigeria has produced an infographic to help potential candidates save time and improve the process. Below is a list of the steps to be taken by candidates: 1. Screening It is important that you arrive at least half an hour before your appointment. You will be searched and your reservation confirmed. Late coming could lead to a lot of problems, so leaving home early to avoid traffic and any other unforeseeable delays will be an advantage.

2. Check in To do a proper check-in upon arrival, you will need the following things: – Your passport – DS-160 confirmation page – MRV fee receipt – Appointment letter

3. Security Part of the security protocol is that no electronics or liquids are allowed. So in order to save time, it is better to leave your bags, belts and heavy jewelry at home or in your car.

4. Intake Be prepared to give your passport and passport photo. It will be easier if during your online application you upload a qualifying photo already.

5. Fingerprint Also, your fingerprint will be scanned, all fingers on both hands. Make sure your fingers are dry and free of wounds or bumps to ensure that this process goes a lot smoother. 6. Interview process For the interview proper, here are the documents to give out to the officers at each section. For B1/B2, just your passport. For F1/F2/M1, your passport and I-20s. For H1B/L1/B3, your passport and petition. Here is what some Nigerians have to say about the process: