tourist visa

My US tourist visa secured in Abuja

Hello World, I met the CEO of Travel Wahala, through my sister. I needed to secure a Tourist Visa to the U.S.of A. I told him to treat me like a novice because I have no foreign travel experience and my international passport was new and unstamped. He put me through and was a very […]

Travel Wahala US Visa

My Mothers US Visa was secured thanks to Travel Wahala

Initially when I met with one of Travel Wahala’s consultant, what came to my mind was that all these Visa agents are all same. But really, Travel Wahala proved me wrong. He helped with all necessary documents, he called at all times to pass the necessary information, and above all, he tutored my mum well […]

F1 Student Visa

United States of America Visa Interview for F1 Student Visa in Nigeria Part 1

We will be posting videos, that will help you in preparing for your American Student Visa interview. Although these interviews are focused on India applicants, we believe that Nigerian applicants will learn from it. This first video is an Indian, going for his master’s degree in the United States. In the United States Embassy Nigeria, […]

Drop Box Visa Renewal Program

Travel Wahala made getting my American Visa Easy

Before now I’ve always thought the process of getting a US visa was a rigorous process…although the chances of getting one is marred by the assumption in the US immigration law that every applicant is an intended immigrant unless proven otherwise. So the onus is always on every applicant to tell a true (no matter […]

Tips of getting your Visa Approved at any Embassy in Nigeria Part 1

We’ve all been there. We wanted to travel. We saved up months of hard-earned income to finally be able to get on that “big trip,” you know exactly what places you will visit and you’ve even single-handedly picked all of your clothes so you could look your best on your photos; and then all so […]

Drop Box Visa Renewal Program


The United States Mission to Nigeria is pleased to announce an expansion of the Drop Box Visa Renewal Program, tentatively to start of June 9th.  This program allows certain visa applicants who have previously been issued U.S. visas to renew their visas without attending an interview. To qualify for the DHL Drop Box Visa Renewal […]