Many people always want to make the best first appearance for their US Visa interview. They want to find out if they would get their visas if they have not traveled before or have a “virgin passport”. This question and answers will help throw more light.


How can I get a US visa easily at my first appearance?

Answer Number 1

How can you get a US visa easily at your first appearance?

Simple. Need one*, deserve one**, and tell the truth***.

*for a legitimate purpose

**because you have no intention whatsoever of using it to immigrate to the US

*** because you won’t even think of trying to make your purpose sound ‘better’ than it is, or loading yourself down with questionable documents. The interviewing officer will have already heard and seen that sort of hyperbole six times that same day.

Answered by Kathryn Berck

Answer Number 2

What type of US Visa will you get for? If you’re referring to a visitor You must demonstrate to the officer that you qualify for a US visa by showing that the purpose of your trip to the U.S. is for a temporary visit, such as business, pleasure, or medical treatment and that you plan to remain in the U.S. for a specific, limited period of time but If you still don’t know what visa will you get, visit Migration Expert US they will give you a reliable immigration advice and Green Card visa requirement to attain U.S. citizenship to the United States of America.

Answered by Boyce Edwin

Answer Number 3

Give all required documents, if you are employed ppresentlya letter from your employer on company’s letterhead stating length of service and salary, show proof that you own property and show a bank statement with a substantial amount on deposit, at the interview be honest, do not lie, answer the questions asked don’t offer explanation unless asked, if you don’t know the answer say so , if you don’t understand the question say so, the consular officer is a person just like you a human being, they understand that you may be nervous and scared they are not going to be rude and harsh, they are trained diplomats.

Answered by Edward Singh