k1 visa

Process of Obtaining a K1 Visa in Nigeria

You are here because you are in search of information on how to obtain your K1 Visa in Nigeria. Regardless of what county the American Embassy is located, the process of obtaining the K1 Visa is the same. Find all the information you need to understand the process below: What is the K-1 visa? The […]

US embassy Nigeria

US Embassy Nigeria, Location and Contact Details

The US Embassy Nigeria has two locations, one is located in Lagos and the other in Abuja. You can choose any of the location for your US Visa Application. We have had people ask us questions like, “which of the embassy is better to apply?” or “which of the embassies will give me my visa […]

Canadian tourist/visiting visa

QnA: It’s hard for a Nigerian to get a Canadian tourist/visiting visa?

Why is It almost impossible for a Nigerian to get a Canadian tourist visiting visa? I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had difficulties applying for a  Canadian tourist visiting visa. When applying for a visitor visa, it’s important to be able to prove through strong supporting documents that your intent in Canada is of a temporary nature […]

F1 Student Visa

US Visa Interview for F1 Student Visa in Nigeria Part 2

Are you planning to study in the US? Then this post is just right for you. We have combed the web to find you useful information that can help you with your F1 Student Visa Application.   Many people who attend US Visa interview, don’t take it seriously. They feel it’s just like chatting with […]

Canadian tourist/visiting visa

Quora QnA: What do consular officers type on their system when a visa is refused?

What do consular officers type on their system when a visa is refused? In a US consulate, consular officers make notes in the case file that states the exact legal section of the law under which the visa was denied. Most usual is section 214b, which means that the applicant has not, in the opinion […]

Invitation letter

DIY: US Visa Invitation Letter

Writing a US Visa Invitation Letter can be quite challenging.  Not that writing a letter is challenging, but that you don’t want to make a mistake and you wish you could find a sample. This is what this site is all about. In writing an Invitation Letter for US visa (Tourist visa) what is most important is to […]

first appearance

How can I get a US visa easily at my first appearance?

Many people always want to make the best first appearance for their US Visa interview. They want to find out if they would get their visas if they have not traveled before or have a “virgin passport”. This question and answers will help throw more light. Question How can I get a US visa easily […]

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Quora QnA: My US visa got rejected. Can I reapply almost immediately?

This is a question from Quora relating to US Visa; this will be useful to you if you have been rejected in the past and looking forward to reapplying.    Question My visa got rejected. Can I reapply almost immediately? I guess I was too nervous the first time and didn’t answer my questions correctly. What […]

tourist visa

My US tourist visa secured in Abuja

Hello World, I met the CEO of Travel Wahala, through my sister. I needed to secure a Tourist Visa to the U.S.of A. I told him to treat me like a novice because I have no foreign travel experience and my international passport was new and unstamped. He put me through and was a very […]

Travel Wahala US Visa

My Mothers US Visa was secured thanks to Travel Wahala

Initially when I met with one of Travel Wahala’s consultant, what came to my mind was that all these Visa agents are all same. But really, Travel Wahala proved me wrong. He helped with all necessary documents, he called at all times to pass the necessary information, and above all, he tutored my mum well […]