We will go to any length to make sure we help you in your journey as you apply for your US Visa. Our aim is to make sure that qualified visa applicants do not get rejected or refused a visa. You will find below a clear description of how to get your US Visa Approved.

Read carefully

I have adjudicated over 40,000 nonimmigrant visa applications. I would have like to have issued them all, but about 50% of the time, U.S. immigration law made it impossible for me. The successful applicants all had the following in common:

  1. They were who they said they were; i.e. they were not impostors.
  2. They had a home outside the United States to which they were going to return after a limited-duration visit to the United States.
  3. Financing for the proposed trip came from outside the United States.
  4. They were able to explain to me what they would be going in the United States and when they would be leaving our country.
  5. They had no legal disqualifications to prevent them from entering the United States, e.g. criminal record, immigration violations, contagious diseases, terrorist ties.
  6. They did not lie to me or any other consular employee, but instead, they gave short, direct, relevant answers without evading the question, changing the subject, or obfuscating their answers.
  7. They did not try to bully, bribe, or seduce me.

This is not a game of chance. It’s not roulette. There is no set amount of money needed in the bank. There is no requirement to know anybody in the United States or even to like America. There is no special dress code. There is no ethnic, racial, sectarian, or gender advantage. I don’t even have to like you. I’ve given plenty of visas to idiots who annoyed the heck out of me. I have also refused people whom I really would have liked to befriend or even date. It’s not a matter of favoritism, it’s just about the law.

There isn’t a visa for everybody, but if there is, the consular officer will find it and issue it.

Some things that have made it hard for me to refuse tourist visa applications are lots of prior international travel, especially to developed countries; having relatives with U.S. visas; having no relatives in the United States; having been in a good job for a long time and having a future there; and having a car and a decent house. NONE of these are requirements, they just helped me get an idea that you were truly a tourist and not an intending immigrant.

Don’t shove documents at me. They are not likely to be relevant, so I don’t care. I might make a show of looking at them, but that’s just to appease you before I refuse you. The only required documents are a valid passport and a completed application. In the unlikely event the consular officer needs something, he or she will ask you for it and give you whatever time you need to provide it. Contrary to popular myth, nobody is ever refused for “not having enough documents.”

Be cool and don’t beg, plead, cry, or otherwise bring drama to my window. If you try to embarrass me, I will humiliate you. Threaten me and I will make sure you never see my country as long as you live, and I will share the information with my colleagues at other foreign embassies and make it very easy for them to refuse you and your family, too. I might even report your misbehavior to your government. (Please don’t tempt me to mention you to my contacts in the shadowy, brutal, unaccountable, torturous part of your country’s dictatorial régime that loves me for not including them in Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016.)

Thanks for understanding that the United States has more illegal immigrants than any other country, and probably quite a few from your country that got through us. Come show us you’re not planning on joining them, and we will issue you a visa as fast as we can, for the longest validity possible, and we’ll wish you a nice trip.

In summary, just come prepared, answer the questions, be a decent human being, and we will do the best we can for you. If you’re refused, it’s not personal and we’ll tell you why in writing. We want more tourists in our country.


Post By David C. Maness